Some marketers have difficulty understanding the intricacies of search engine marketing – or do not have time to learn the new paradigm, and choose to rely on third party agencies to manage their search marketing.   The SEM services I can provide, include paid search (PPC) in Google Adwords:

AdWords Account Set-Up

Setup and initial tuning of the Adwords campaigns, are included for all customers.  This normally takes 1-2 weeks, depending on complexity.  It is assumed the customer has already established a web site, and simply wants to get more traffic via paid search and does not have the time/skills to do it in-house.

Creating a scalable account with a strong foundation is vital to success with Google AdWords.  Based on the customer site and goals – including ge0-locations, I will  determine the number of campaigns and ad groups to start with.

Adwords Account Optimization

The Google AdWords account should be monitored on an ongoing basis. I’ll evaluate your current Google AdWords account and optimize it for your advertising goals. In most cases, I will optimize an account for one of more of the following goals:

  • Increase traffic
  • Increase conversions/ROI
  • Lower cost
  • Improve performance on the display network

As a Google AdWords expert, I help you to achieve your business goals by implementing Google AdWords optimization strategies and making modifications for keyword-targeted campaigns. I will also be taking advantage of several third-aprty tools to optimize the web site and conversions from the Google traffic.  If you’re not already using Google Analytics or other tracking software, as an expert programmer I’ll help you implement it, so we can make data driven decisions.

Adwords Account Management

Ongoing, continued analysis of your metrics is vital to ensuring quality clicks and visitors. As a Google AdWords expert I’ll monitor your traffic and results, so we can keep improving on what’s working and refine what is not bringing the desired results.

Also, as new advertisers enter your market, it’s important to keep abreast of your competition. I’ll watch your competitors’ ads for changes in pricing, guarantees, and other unique offers. That way, we can continue to refine your messaging to reflect your competitive advantages.

The most successful advertisers keep track of their performance and make informed decisions. Google AdWords is not a set it and forget it program. Leave the ongoing management of your AdWords account to me!

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