Taguchi Optimization - the Secret to Success?

“Slash Your Ad Budget and Blast Your Sales, Conversions, and ROI Amazingly Higher With Proven Taguchi Market Testing Strategies!”

What is Taguchi Optimization?

The name Taguchi comes from the Japanese engineer in statistics, named Genichi Taguchi.  His mathematical methods were invented to quickly find the best combination of variables.

 In other words, the Taguchi Method can quickly find the best combination (with highest conversions) of headlines, font size, text color, images, content and other elements that we decide to test on a web page.  We can even test the actual text in a Google Adwords campaign.

I already do split testing of my landing pages.  Why should I care?

Split testing can only test the difference between case A and case B, or which landing page is better, A or B.   

Split testing does not tell you the best combination (read: higher conversions) of images, text content, fonts, links, buttons, layouts etc.  You are missing out on large improvements in conversion rates when not testing all combinations – together!

For example the Taguchi Method allows to thousands of combination of page elements with just 12 versions of a landing page.   The problem size is reduced tremendously.

Taguchi technology has the potential to revolutionize advertising, especially online.   The reason for this is the ease at which testing can be done.

Copywriting decisions are reduced to a simple matrix of assumptions which can be tested in a matter of days or weeks, resulting in dramatically improved response and more intelligence about customers and their preferences.

I already make money with my ad campaigns, and we have a good Marketing department.  Why change?

The only way to shut out the competitors in pay per click advertising is if the cost of clicks is too high.   

The best way to do this is to have a higher sales conversion rate than your competitors.

If you improve your sales conversion rates by 100%, 300% or more, you are now able to outspend your competitors by a factor of 2:1, 3:1 and even 5:1.

This also allows you to get more traffic volume – because Google rewards Adwords campaigns with high CTRs and sends more traffic – i.e. more sales.

Eventually it becomes impossible for a competitor to enter your market for any reasonable amount of money, because of your highly optimized sales process.

The cost savings are staggering.

Instead of placing ads and “hoping” that it will work. Smaller test ads can be designed, placed, optimized and validated before major roll out.

How much of an improvement can I see when using Taguchi?

Taguchi results

Taguchi results

I frequently see an improvement of 20-70% in conversion rates. 

For a $100k/year business with a 20-70% improvement, it means an extra $20-70k per year – just for a few days of work.

Of course, each case is different. 

There is no way to know how much improvement can be gotten. But, some cases may improve several hundred percent of revenues.  Only testing will reveal how much improvement can be gotten.

Taguchi testing reveals your prospects’ buying motivations–even when they can’t or won’t tell you what they are themselves

Actual Taguchi Test Results

Actual Taguchi Test Results

Taguchi is like doing an A/B split test on every little piece of your advertisement – all at the same time.

Here is a sample of a split test I did for a landing page for one of my anti-spyware software landing pages – a nice 64.5% improvement – just by deleting two link boxes at the end of the landing page.  (See screen shot below)


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