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Understanding You and Your Business…

If you lack time to manage your Google Adwords campaign, our Google Adwords Management Services will help you get results fast.  But, before I can get started with creating your Google Adwords campaign, I’d like to take some time to better understand you and your business. Here are areas I’ll cover as we begin working together:P1050230_2w

  • Understanding products/services offered
  • Understanding your target market and audiences
  • Discussing your advertising goals
  • Setting appropriate goals and profit metrics
  • Identifying your unique selling points
  • Assessing general competition in your space
  • Analyzing your top competitors budgets, keywords and CPCs

What Do I Do Differently?

After I understand something about your industry and product/service, I will work to ensure I am getting you the most traffic at the lowest possible cost and the most possible conversions (sales/contacts or whatever) for your web site.  However, most Google Adwords Management consultants only try to follow the book, such as:

  1. Initial keyword research, perhaps 30 keywords per Ad Group in the Google Adwords campaign (as recommended by Google)
  2. Building traditional – but boring ads without emotional impact or high conversion rates.
  3. Bidding high prices for keywords that may not convert or be in the wrong geo-location.

I find that it is much more effective to do the following strategies:

  • Initial keyword research based on historical data, market trends, competition and conversion rates for your product or service.  scraping the landing page and then finding many possible variations to use in the initial Adwords campaign. We will use several hundred keywords for each Adwords Adgroup.
  • Bid high prices for the initial Adwords startup for example $1.00 per keyword click, when the normal CPC is perhaps 10 cents.  This will shock the Adwords system into quickly building a good account history, which will improve rankings quickly.  And, don’t worry about spending too much money because Adwords the daily budget will be limited to a small max budget, for example $10 per campaign until the campaign is tuned and optimized.  There is no point is spending large money while tuning the ad campaigns.
  • Strengthen the winners and cut the losers, by trimming down and keeping the best keywords into a short highly converting keyword list.
  • Slowly reduce the cost per click while still maintaining traffic volume (this is done daily or intra-day at first).
  • Many ads will be tested – using Taguchi testing methods, targeting to attract potential customers while ensuring to follow search engine guidelines, rules of marketing and our advanced creative skills.  These ads will also be changed and optimized on an ongoing basis.
  • The secret to success in Adwords is conversion tracking.  We will install tracking scripts on your web site (both scripts for conversion tracking and optimizer scripts for split-testing) and setup your search keywords and phrases, publish your ads and begin to manage, track, adjust, maintain and report the results of your campaigns.  This takes a little extra time (a few weeks) but it is well worth the extra profits from a well tuned Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords Management and Optimization

All Google AdWords accounts should be monitored on an ongoing basis. I will evaluate your current Google AdWords account and optimize it for your advertising goals on regular basis.  At first this will be done daily, but usually settle in to a weekly evaluation and tuning after the initial startup.   In most cases, I will optimize an Adwords account for one of more of the following goals:

  • Additional traffic
  • Lower cost
  • Increase conversions/ROI
  • Improve performance on the display network

I will use different third-party tools to optimize the landing page, and will help you to achieve your business goals (i.e. conversions) by implementing the best optimization strategies and making modifications for keyword-targeted campaigns.

Customized Landing Page

The home page of your company’s web site is not enough.  A customized landing page is highly recommended for each Internet advertising campaign you elect to run.  Therefore, in most cases, running ads that point to your company’s home page of your web site will rarely rank very high in a search engines’ ranking systems.

A customized landing page is a single page (a detailed advertisement), similar to what you may see as a full page ad in the old yellow pages books.

Furthermore, Google Adwords will not allow “thin sites” (sites with only a couple of web pages) to be advertised on the Adwords network.  We strongly recommend that before you hire an Adwords consultant – like me, to build out your web site with some value content – with clear Navigation, a Site-map page, Policy and Terms of Use page and a Contact Us page.

We can help and suggest pages and content to add to your web site – if you are unfamiliar with this, but we do not provide web site building as part of our service.  You will need to use your in-house talent or an outside programmer to bring the web site up to a minimum level of compliance with Google Adwords policies.

The landing page should specify the exact product or service that your company intends to advertise, or otherwise have some highly relevant content to the service or product you wish to promote.  We can also get into some advanced marketing techniques for “right angle” marketing pages, if we feel your marketing niche is too competitive to take on directly.

The landing page will contain the most relevant content to your specific advertising campaign.  It will include the keywords and phrases that people searching for your product or service might use to find your product or service.  As you may already know, search engines like Google want to deliver the most relevant content available, and I can suggest changes to your existing web site when required.

While the use of my customized landing page design services is not always required, the use of customized landing pages is highly recommended.

In some cases, I may have to decline servicing a client if an effective landing page is not currently available on the clients’ web site – and the client chooses not wish to use a customized landing page design services.  I also may decline a new client if we feel the web site is “too thin” to get a good quality score from Google Adwords.  This will be a waste of client money to spend money on Google Adwords Management when the traffic will be low because of a low quality site – in the eyes of Google.

Using landing pages for each of the marketing campaigns is essential to targeting search results, lowering the campaigns cost per click, lowering the cost per conversion and ranking high within search engine ranking systems.

A customized landing page will usually pay for itself within a short time of running the new ad campaigns.

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