Adwords: What are the Benefits?

Google Adwords – Why use Google Adwords? — The big benefit of using Google Adwords is to drive warm qualified prospects to your landing page. Simple as that…

Here is an excellent video explaining how a small shoemaker is doubling his business by using Google Adwords. It is also a simple reminder how the electronic

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Cost per Thousand Impressions for Yahoo! Bing

According to AdGooroo, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) on the Yahoo! Bing network is 4 to 11 times cheaper than Google Adwords, for Q3 2012.

This huge price difference may be explained because Adwords is the first choice for advertisers with PPC campaigns, and its superior click-through rates (2-5 times higher CTR on Adwords

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Adwords: What does it Cost to Advertise on the Google Search Network?

Costs per click on Google Adwords. **Please note this chart is an average across all industries…

As a new or existing PPC advertiser, you might like to know what is good click-through-rate or a good cost per click, for your industry as well as wanting to know how much it will cost per

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Taguchi Optimization - the Secret to Success?

“Slash Your Ad Budget and Blast Your Sales, Conversions, and ROI Amazingly Higher With Proven Taguchi Market Testing Strategies!”

What is Taguchi Optimization?

The name Taguchi comes from the Japanese engineer in statistics, named Genichi Taguchi. His mathematical methods were invented to quickly find the best combination of variables.

In other words, the

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