Testatika Generator from Switzerland

Motor with the inventor

Is the Testatika Generator the first real running *free energy* machine come from Switzerland, Europe? This machine was developed over a 20 years Research period by a religious group called METHERNITHA.This group lives in CH-3517 Linden, Switzerland. The inventor of this superb machine, Mr.Paul Baumann claims, its running principle was found by studying the

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Thoughts on Infinity SAV Free Energy Device

The late Andrii Slobodian from Infinity SAV (a company in Korea) is a clever Russian inventor that claims he has built several free energy generators.

On this page, I will share my thoughts and details on why I believe Andrii is not telling it like it is.

Indoor demonstration of the Free Energy Device

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Infinity SAV Motor - Free Energy? Proof of Over Unity?

The late Mr. Andrii Slobodyan from Infinity SAV (a company in Korea) demonstrates in this video a motor design that he claims will produce “perpetual motion”.

The video below his motor prototype seems to spin endlessly, all without any external power source. Andrii Slobodyan (chief engineer and inventor) demonstrates Bucking Coil Demo

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What is Free Energy?

“Free energy” is often misused to mean something that creates excess energy, like a perpetual motion machine.

This is sometimes defended on the basis of a free energy conspiracy theory. It has given rise to a whole lot of false pseudo-science.

However, in the video below I will explain and show several examples

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US Military Interested in UFOs?

UFO toy

What is the real reason behind the Department of Defense’s interest in UFOs?

One thing is to try to understand the underlying Physics (i.e. “spacetime engineering”) of a rapidly accelerating UFO, as seen in the “tic-tac” video from the Pentagon below. Another thing is to reflect on why the military is so interested in these

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Corey Goode – Science Disclosure

Corey Goode - disclosure

By Nils Rognerud, San Francisco, CA, USADec 20, 2017

Corey Goode Reports On Warp Drive, Extra Dimensions, Anti-Gravity, and more…

Mr. Corey Goode (sometimes searched for as Corey Good) from SphereBeingAlliance recently came forth with some new unclassified science documents. He claims these documents were released from the Dept of Defense. The documents deal with

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